Why It Matters: The Difference Between Independent Contractors & Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]

Freelancers make up 35% of the U.S. workforce and it's predicted that it'll hit 50% by 2020.   This means many people have or will face the distinction between "independent contractor" and "employee" when they are hired.  This goes for both businesses and workers. 

While the distinction may not seem like a big deal, under the law there are huge differences that can affect important matters from how much taxes a business or worker has to pay, to who owns the rights to something that was created during the relationship. 

Here is an overview of issues that businesses and workers should consider when deciding what category to be hiring or hired under, as well as factors that the law requires in order to be labeled as either an independent contractor or an employee.

To download the full size of the infographic, click here.

Know the issues and differences between independent contractors and employees.