One bad contract can cost your business $90K+ in court.

Find out what's hiding in your contract before you sign.

Get your contract reviewed and receive a personalized report prepared by an experienced lawyer.  It'll explain if there are any of the following in your contract and what it means in plain English:

✓  major red flag issues

✓  standard terms that are not in your favor

✓  terms that are not up-to-date with current law

...  and tips & suggestions on how you can fix them yourself. 

After you look at your report, you can fix the contract yourself OR you can hire the lawyer to fix it for you.  Totally up to you. 

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An innovative way to get affordableeasy legal help for your business.

Affordable flat fee or monthly subscription.


Explanations + tips in reader-friendly language.


Guidance from trusted top lawyers.



It's as simple as...

Contract Template Legal Form

Select the service or plan that you want.

Contract Template Legal Form Help

Easily upload your contract.

Contract Template Legal Form Help Business Review

A lawyer reviews & sends you a report.

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