A bad contract can cost your business $90K in court.

Fix what's wrong before you sign.

With Contract Snapshot, we'll help you make your contract bulletproof with a personalized report prepared by a trusted lawyer that points out: 

✓  major red flag issues

✓  standard terms not in your favor

✓  terms not up-to-date with current law

✓  terms not compliant with your state's law

. . . and tips and suggestions on how to fix them.

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An innovative way to get affordable and easy legal help for your business.

Affordable & transparent cost.


Easy-to-understand explanations & tips.


Guidance from trusted top lawyers.



It's as simple as...

Contract Template Legal Form

Select the services that you want.

Contract Template Legal Form Help

Upload your contract & pay.

Contract Template Legal Form Help Business Review

Get your Contract Snapshot.

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