Finally. Legal contracts that you can trust and understand.

Create plain English contracts that have been 100% vetted by top lawyers.

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Legally sound contracts that make sense.

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-       Researched + written by top lawyers

-       Approved + used by business experts

-       Regularly updated  

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Clear Language

-       All in plain English, no nasty legal jargon

-       Designed to avoid confusion + intimidation

-       Empower you take control of your contracts

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Powerfully Customized

-       Easy to use and create in minutes

-       Common terms for your industry

-       Terms specific to your state’s laws

How Lawgood’s Contract Creation Tool Works

1.    Answer a few simple questions.

2.    Review your plain English contract that has been personalized for you.

3.    Easily adjust how favorable you want certain important clauses.

4.    Your contract is ready to use!   


How Lawgood is Different

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Why plain English contracts are good for your business

-       Reduce risks + lawsuits.  Avoid unnecessary confusion and resolve disputes more quickly.

-       Save time + money.  Easy to understand and explain without a lawyer.

-       Increase efficiency.    Less negotiation means quicker deals, which lead to faster revenue.

-       Improve business relationships.  Enhances trust and creates a cooperative atmosphere.

-       Help you make better decisions.   Identify risks and catch mistakes more easily.


What Other Entrepreneurs and Freelancers are saying

I love the simplicity of the document. It’s very easy to read and grasp each concept (unlike most!). I especially appreciate the friendly tone throughout.
— Craig K. (Product Designer)
I love how clean and simple it looks and read. It’s like an Apple version of contracts. It feels direct without all the legal words that usually make the entire process cold and intimidating.
— Karen O. (Bakery Owner)


Try Lawgood to create your contracts now and never go back to difficult, confusing and long contracts!