A bad contract can cost your business $90K in court.

Fix what's wrong before you sign.

With Contract Snapshot, we'll help you make your contract bulletproof with a personalized report prepared by a trusted lawyer that points out: 

✓  major red flag issues

✓  standard terms not in your favor

✓  terms not up-to-date with current law

✓  terms not compliant with your state's law

. . . and tips and suggestions on how to fix them.

Business Contract Lawyer Report Legal Templates and Forms

Legal Contract Templates and Forms Business Plain English

An innovative way to get affordable and easy legal help for your business.

Affordable & transparent fixed cost.


Easy-to-understand explanations.


Guidance from trusted top lawyers.



It's as simple as...

Contract Template Legal Form

Select the services that you want.

Contract Template Legal Form Help

Upload your contract & pay.

Contract Template Legal Form Help Business Review

Get your Contract Snapshot.

contract review
Money Back Guarantee


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